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Fashion Friday: Face First!

Let's kick this Journey of Beauty off with Facing Ourselves! I think that's a perfect place to begin and to shed the idea of perfection when we Face Ourselves. Face First! When we really get down to it...our face is the first thing people see of us, isn't it? When we enter a room, we enter and greet faces. So, Greet Your Face this New Year with a Greeting of Love and a Commitment to Personal Beauty. And that's not to mean that we must strive for model perfection, which we now know is not perfection at all but a Glam Squad of Professionals and the Lighting of the heavens but to Shine From Within. It's quite simple...look at your face in the mirror and really look. Do you like what you see? What would you change? Would you capture your face at this moment and snap a Selfie and share it? This Phenomenal Fifteen, we can begin our Journey of Beauty at our Face and Face Ourselves. We often know what is needed to be beautiful to ourselves first and we may possibly need the assistance of a GPS, a Map...a Course Correction. Some of us may need to smile more, get more sleep, laugh more...simple adjustments. And some of us may decide to take more dramatic steps along The Journey to maybe transform our face and there is no judgment to be made if that is your journey. And of course, we know that what is inside of us at the deepest layers of our essence comes forth and can be read on our faces, unless you have a great Poker Face!


So this month, I am focusing on Facial Treatments and Regimens that I can incorporate into my daily routine to enhance the beauty of my face. I visited the Pop Up Lounge at SKII during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Based on the happy accidental discovery that led to the development of this product line shows me that sometimes the answers are right there all along and they are simple. As they noticed the baby soft beauty of the skin on the hands of sake brewers and realized the secret was in an unexpected will we learn the same is my hope for this Phenomenal Fifteen!

As we Face ourselves...what Fifteen things do we want to see as we journey through this New Year?

Enjoying the Jenny Tour,

Jennfier <3

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