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CAbi Shows: Where Relationships Happen!

The Spring 2015 CAbi season has officially commenced!

When you attend a CAbi show there are a few (magical!) things that are almost always guaranteed to happen … (in no particular order) you’ll remember that wine is just as important as the other five major food groups; you’ll (re)discover that even the 5’8”, size four yoga instructor (whom we’re all convinced everything looks great on) struggles with her body image; and it will be (re)affirmed that CAbi truly is so much more than the clothes. This Experience, this unique opportunity, that brings women together season after season becomes something you look forward to, and after your sixth season … the last of which was by far, the best Collection ever … you realize you’re hooked, that you drank the pink Kool-Aid, and that you’re very likely to never shop any other way again.

The question being begged by your self-proclaimed, shopaholic co-worker, your 31 year old sister-in-law, and (quite frankly) other retailers is … why? Why CAbi? Well, it’s really quite simple; CAbi shows are where relationships happen.

Relationships are a vital part of life, and in fact, they fulfill needs that we actually cannot provide ourselves. In 2012 Psychology Today published an article by Will Meek, Ph.D. entitled “Notes to Self: Thoughts on acceptance, balance, and change” in which he shares the three universal relationship needs:

  • Companionship / Belonging

  • Affection (Verbal and Physical)

  • Emotional Support / Validation

After reading the (short) list several times, thinking about your own relationships, reading the list again, analyzing your own relationships, and going back and forth about other things that could be added, or maybe even taken away; you’re finally willing to admit that Meek is on to something. You realize that relationships truly can (should) be that simple, and those that fail to provide you with these three things likely don’t last long … and those that manage to overstay their welcome, probably shouldn’t.

A CAbi show provides the optimum opportunity for a woman’s relationship needs to be met. There’s nothing quite like getting together with your girlfriends, both old and new, and catching your breathe from life. It’s the place where you discover you’re not the only mom that sometimes wishes you could drop your kids off at school on Monday morning and not go back to pick them up until Friday evening. It’s where your professional successes will be celebrated, and where you’ll receive a heart-to-heart as you struggle with the woes of an aging parent. And as the (0 calorie) icing on the cake, it’s where you’ll leave looking and feeling more fabulous than you came.


Nina <3

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