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A Yummy Scent!

Hi Ladies,

Earlier this month our Content Editor, Jennifer, had the opportunity to attend the Beauty Press Spotlight Day in New York. She met some pretty amazing people and is excited to share a (yummy!) new, Fashionably Nina Approved product! Read on to learn more...


Nina <3


Hey Chiccas,

I love to study branding and can appreciate great products, therefore attending Beauty Press Spotlight Day on May 7 in NYC was incredibly inspiring. And the backdrop of a 5th Avenue Midtown Loft was a perfect venue for the event. Uniquely, this event is the intersection between beauty and media giving beauty insiders a playground to sample, learn and meet the people behind the brands.

And on the topic of scent...what better idea than a collaboration between fragrance and culinary! Yes, yummy is right and that’s exactly what the innovators at Brands With Purpose have done. Even more, celebrity Chef Roblé Ali is the partner in this amazing first ever Fragrance Recipe. In other words, this creative venture combines delicious menu courses that include Cocktail notes on top, a floral heart and Dessert notes just like the most sensual dining experience. Indeed, the wearer becomes a walking and lingering gourmet extravaganza! So let me list the sumptuous ingredients of this lush fragrance recipe:

  • blood orange juice,

  • lime,

  • triple sec,

  • tequila,

  • a pinch of salt,

  • touch of chipotle peppers,

  • wild jasmine,

  • violet,

  • tuberose,

  • precious iris,

  • French toast crunch,

  • cinnamon,

  • honey,

  • rich chocolate, and

  • sugar

Now if that doesn't make your mouth water...I don't know what will. Well, I’m to make a delicious meal after the inspiration!

For more information on this upcoming and exciting fragrance visit



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